Gear guide

The right running gear can improve your safety, comfort and performance. Here's a list of what the top athletes can't and won't train without

Choosing running shoes

Without doubt, the most important part of your running kit is what you put on your feet. Your shoes are what protect you from the hurting your feet as they hit the ground. They also protect you from the twisting and shearing forces that are also generated as you run.

Your local specialist running store will help you choose the right shoe for you and get you off to a good start. Unless you know what shoe you need, do not buy from non specialist stores.

Technical Clothing

Thick sweatshirts and jogging bottoms aren't the way to stay warm in winter. Try layers of thin technical fabrics to wick sweat away from the skin and enable you to adjust body temperature by adding or removing items. If running on the road, you will need to wear Hi-Viz running kit for safety. You will find all you need right here

Sports bra

No female runner should be without a comfortable, supportive sports bra. Choose one with comfortable, adjustable straps. Visit sports bra specialist Click the logo

Other Kit

Hat, Gloves, Specialist Running Socks, and Sunglasses

An MP3 player are useful on training runs but are generally not allowed in races for reasons of safety. You cannot hear traffic or race officials giving instructions.

Heart Rate Monitor

Training using an HRM makes sure you don’t train too hard or too easily by setting limits, making sure you get the most out of your training for the least amount of effort. Once you’ve worked out what your limits are and have started training with an HRM you’ll have clearer targets, more focus and better results. For more information click on image.